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Renew You Massage Therapy

Massage & Body Treatments.

Signature Swedish.

An Integrative approach, this massage includes a blend of relaxing  Swedish techniques combined with Trigger point therapy. Light to medium pressure is used to relax and loosen tight muscles. 

Warm towels and essential oils are used to complement your service.

60 Min/$85

75 Min/$100

90 Min/$110 


Deluxe Deep Tissue.

Release tight, sore muscles with the Deluxe Deep Tissue.  This services uses a combanation of deep pressure and myofacisal rele techniques to loosen tight over used muscles. A use of warm stones and a cooling topical are complimentary to help break up adhesions. 

75 Minute $110

90 Minute $120

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Myofascial Release 

A specialized type of massage that  uses firm, direct pressure to loosen and free up connective tissue adhesion. Myofacial release is great for tight, sore muscles, sports injury, scar tissue,  promotes relaxation and mind body connection.  Warm stones and essential oils are complimentary with this service.

75 Min $105

90 Min $115

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Myofascial Cupping 

Myofascial cupping uses suction instead of pressure to increase blood flow to an  area, allowing homeostasis to occur in the body ..Myofascial cupping has been known to help ease chronic muscle pain, decrease  inflammation,  increase range of motion and promote scar tissue healing.

75 Min $110

90 Min $120

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Hot Stone Massage 

Sooth your body and melt  your muscles with a Hot stone Massage. Warm stones are used as an extension of the therapists hands and used to loosen tension and sink deeper into tight, sore muscles.

90 Min $120

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Hot Stone Massage

Body Glow.

Exfoliate and replenish hydration back into your skin with the Body Glow. Your service will start with a gentle dry brush, followed by an invigorating Seasonal sugar scrub., known to stimulate your senses, increase circulation, and help remove dead/dry skin. The body polish is then removed with the use of warm towels. A hydrating balm will then be massage into your skin leaving your skin feeling replenished and glowing.

Full body $75

Back scrub $45

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